Beauty of Ashes

Motivation for the evening...Jesus Christ paid for our sins and forgave us of all our sins when we repent and turn to Him. Jesus will make your scars turn into a testimony. Your messes into a beautiful message.

⚔️Woman Warrior🛡️

Copyright March 2019Miranda Lynn I want to fight for what is right, even though I may stand alone.Kick satan's butt back to where he belongs. I know the truth can only set me free. I feel sometimes I'm weak.I can't get through this day without my Savior. I need to be pure in heart.Lean on … Continue reading ⚔️Woman Warrior🛡️


Written on July 31st, 2019 © By Miranda (Lynn) Hanchar I may bend but I won't breakI believe in God and he is there for meI fight for what's rightIf they push me downMake me bleedGet back upI won't quitStand up and fightIf it means to be aloneSo be itI'm not a fighter but I … Continue reading Fighter